Sikorsky S-55|FROG 322P

FROG 322P Westland S.55 Whirlwind

FROG 1957

FROG 322P Westland S.55 Whirlwind Helicopter, International Model Aircraft Limited, 1956

img1 img2 img3 img4 img5 img8 img6 img7 Самый первый аннонс поступления в продажу моделей FROG в журнале Model Aircraft 1956-01

     Over The Counter
... at the Triang Trade Fair held last month. Comlpetly new were the atractive 1/72 scale plastic kits, of which the Hunter and Whirlwind are now in the shops. Appearing soon will be the Canberra, Javelin, and F-86E Sabre, in that order. Prieses range from 5s 3d to 8s 6d.
Model Aircraft 1956-04

 Реклама магазина Gamages с FROG 322.P Westland S.55 Whirlwind Helicopter, The Meccano Magazine 1956-05

Over The Counter
     "At the Tri-ang Trade Fair (see last month's "Over the Counter") several notable additions to the FROG range of kits were on show. Firstly the new polystyrene plastic kits: five are currently in production - the Hunter and Sabre at 5s 3d, the Sikorsky S.55 at 5s 9d, the Javelin at 7s 6d, and the Canberra at 8s 6d. There will be followed by D.H.110, Meteor 8, Venom and Sea Hawk. The kits are complete and ready to assemble. They include polystyrene cement, transfers and a stand for mounting the finished model."
Model aircraft, 1956-05

322P 1955-1964 15000

"Actual scale was about 1/67.."

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom


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