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FROG Douglas Boston, 1963

FROG 1964

FROG Green series 151P Douglas Boston, International Model Aircraft Ltd, 1963

Коробка FROG 151P Douglas Boston Коробка FROG 151P Douglas Boston Коробка FROG 151P Douglas Boston Коробка FROG 151P Douglas Boston


    It is rare that we have the opportunity to make a direct comparison between two model kits of the same aircraft to the same scale by two different manufacturers, but it so happens that both Airfix and Frog have issued kits of the Douglas Boston III. To make the coincidence even more remarkable, both kits depict aircraft in service with the same squadron at the same time—No. 88 Squadron R.A.F. operating from Swanton Morley in the summer of 1942!
    The Boston (alias A-20 Havoc) is a very well-known aircraft whose absence must have been sorely felt in a number of collections, and it is therefore with some regret that we must report that both kits contain more than their fair share of inaccuracies— oddly enough different inaccuracies—and neither does real justice to its subject.
    Taking individual features in turn, both models are correct in length, but while the fuselage depth of the Airfix model is also correct, Frog would appear to have got the lower line of the engine nacelles confused with that of the fuselage, resulting in a curious bulge aft of the bomb-bay. The fuselage depth is correct to the bottom of this bulge, but forward is 1/16in. too shallow. The fin of the Airfix model is correct whereas that of Frog's model is 1/8in. too short, and while Frog's tailplanes are correct in outline, those of Airfix's model have acquired sweepback! The nose transparencies of neither model are accurate—it is probably easier to correct the shape of the Frog model's transparencies than those of the Airfix offering. Frog depict the pilot's and gunner's canopies correctly, but both are 1/8in. too long on Airfix's Boston. Turning to the wings, Frog have achieved very nearly the correct shape, only a little cleaning up at the tips being demanded, but the span of Airfix's model is 1/4in. too great, the wings are too thick, and the ailerons break the lines of the trailing edges. On the other hand, Airfix have got the shape of the nacelles right while Frog's are too sharply-tapered towards the rear which, in turn, results in under-sized wheels. Both manufacturers have also erred in the shape of the cowlings, but again in opposite directions—Frog's have too much taper, Airfix's not enough.
    This extraordinary diversity of errors even extends to the transfer sheets. Airfix give the unit code letters in white whereas they should be red, and Frog omit the code letters (RH) from the transfer sheet entirely. Airfix recommend the wrong colour (light grey) for the undersurfaces—Bostons were certainly painted in this colour later in the war, but the Airfix model, AL693 (actually a Boeing-built Boston III A which normally differed from the Mk. III only in its electrical system and in the removal of the "alligator-tail" flame-damping exhaust pipes in favour of ventral studs, and in the extension of the carburettor air intake above the cowling to incorporate a tropical filter, although this particular aircraft did not embody the latter modification), came from one of the earliest production batches.
    Both kits fit together well, but Airfix's detailing is infinitely superior to Frog's. Both have satisfactory instructional sheets, but after working through this catalogue of inaccuracies, the modeller may feel that the only answer is to buy both kits and combine the best features of each into one model!

Flying Review 1964-02, Model Talks"

FROG 1957

Tri-ang 151P Serie Verte 151P Douglas Boston III, Lines Freres S.A. Calais P.-de-C., 1963

Air Lines 9803 U.S. Douglas A-20 Attack Bomber, Tri-ang ltd, 1965

FROG 1964

FROG Green Series F151 Douglas Boston Medium Bomber with Gold Tokens, Rovex Scale Models, 1965

Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston
FROG 1964

FROG Green Series F151 Douglas Boston Medium Bomber, Rovex Scale Models, 1967

Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston
FROG 1964

FROG Green Series F208 Douglas Boston Medium Bomber, Rovex Industries, 1970

Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston Коробка FROG F151 Douglas Boston

"Monthly Review of new products

    Frog also released at the same time a revised version of their older Boston kit, now re-boxed as a Douglas Havoc Intruder Boston, this kit has had many of the inaccuracies in fuselage shape removed and the new decals and box art are for a Boston III of 22 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force, as flown by F/Lt. W. T. Newton, RAAF V.C. and a Havoc Intruder of 418 Squadron R.C.A.F. Bradwell Bay 1942. The former having the glazed nose transparencies overpainted as was common on many Bostons used by the R.A.A.F. Some slight corrections to the fin and wing shapes are necessary for absolute accuracy and the Profile Publication on the Douglas Boston is a useful guide for this. The kit is moulded in grey plastic and the tongues for attaching the wings and tailplane to the fuselage require some trimming before they will slot into place correctly. The remainder of the kit fits together quite well. The transparencies are good, with the various canopy and other framework lines somewhat more finely detailed than of those in the original kit.
    Decals are excellent and include the amusing personal markings for the R.A.A.F. machine of F/Lt. Newton, V.C. This is a welcome revision of the original Boston kit, and one that deserves a second look.

Bob Jones of IPMS
Scale Models 1970-02, New to you?"


amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber, Aluminum Model Toys Corp, 1970

Коробка amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber Гид по окраске и маркировке amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber Инструкция amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber Сборочная инструкция amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber Декаль amt A-648 Douglas A-20 Havoc Attack bomber
FROG 1957

FROG F208 Havoc Intruder / Boston Mk.III Bomber, Rovex Models and Hobbies, 1974

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