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HMS Tiger - Cruiser

FROG 1956 logo

FROG 342P H.M.S. Tiger - R.N. Cruiser, International Model Aircraft, 1961

Верх коробки NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Анонс модели в журнале Meccano Magazine 1961 Nov, FROG 324P HMS Tiger RN Cruiser
342P1961-1968 C2(35.000)C20

New kit releases were at a low ebb with only HMS Tiger and an unusual subject of a Shell coastal tanker. While neither of these was likely to be a tremendous seller they were both successful long-term projects and made up into attractive models.

HMS Tiger Scale 1/415
Also included a flagsheet. The kit depicted the ship as it looked before rebuild to helicopter carrier. Strangely enough, the first issue box kept its suffix-P even when printed years after the change to F-prefixes for all other Frog kits.

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom

Triang 1963 logo

Tri-ang 342P HMS Tiger, Lines Freres S.A., France to mid-1964

Tri-ang/Frog (France)
Lines Freres S.A., Route de Dunkerque, Calais, France (to mid-1964);
Meccano - Tri-ang Lines Freres S.A., 70-88 Avenue Henri Barbusse. 93 Bobigny. France (from mid-1964)
Period: 1962?-1972?

"Old" Style
* 342P HMS Tiger

* Existence probable but as yet unconfirmed

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom

UPC logo

UPC , Universal Powermaster Corporation, USA, 67-70

Universal Powermaster Corporation, New York 10, NY. USA
Period: 1967-1970?

2100 HMS Exeter
2101 HMS Revenge
2103 HMS Cadiz (Battle Class)
5012 Trinity House Lightship
5013 Coastal Tanker
5014-3 HMS Tiger
6060 HMS Hero
6061 HMS Ashanti
6062 HMS Torquay
6063 HMS Undine

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom

FROG 1964

FROG F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser, Rovex-Triang Ltd., 1970

Re-Issued Ship Kits
ROVEX-TRIANG LTD. HMS Tiger and Trafalgar. Neither Scales nor prices quoted.

Both these kits first appeared some 10-odd years ago and it might have been better had some thought been given to their re-issue as converted during recent R.N. service.

The kit of H.M.S. TIGER especially lends itself to modernisation in view of recent publicity on her re-commissioning with a hanger aft. It is also felt that the A/D conversion of the survivors of the Battle class destroyers would have been more appropriate. Both kits are well moulded and easy to assemble, although detail is somewhat sparse. Both are tailor-made for the Humbrol paint kit 11N and the instructions are clear and well laid out although both kits can be assembled without them. There was some slight flash on both kits but no distortion and the grey material was easily handled. Various Battles were refitted with different secondary armaments and recourse must be made to appropriate publications to ensure accuracy. Battles have now been deleted from the Navy List but a couple are still serving in the Pakistan Navy, with one example as flagship of the Imperial Iranian Navy (this one is very much modified and now almost unrecognisable). Both kits have room for the super-detail enthusiast to go wild and both are worthy of consideration for the building programme of any warship enthusiast. Any member with information which might be of use for a conversion article is asked to contact the reviewer through the Editor as soon as possible.

The IPMS magazine, OCTOBER 1970 Vol. 7 No. 10

F1421970-1977G2X 65.000 C20

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom

NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser, Cat.No.76113, Novo Toys Ltd. 77-79

Верх коробки NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Схема окраски NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Содержимое коробки NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Сторона коробки NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Инструкция NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser Декаль NOVO F142 HMS Tiger - Cruiser
76113 HMS Tiger 90.000

FROG model aircraft 1932-1976, R. Lines, L. Hellstrom


142 Сборная модель крейсера, Донецкая Фабрика Игрушек, Укрпромигрушка, Донецк
Cruiser's scale kit, 142, Donetsk Toy Factory, USSR

Коробка ДЗИ Сборная модель крейсера Ф142, 1Р 02 044 00 88, 1991
Инструкция Ф142 Сборная модель крейсера Инструкция по сборке Ф142 Сборная модель крейсера
Eastern Express logo

Eastern Express 40005 Tiger cruiser, Eastern Express Group, 2000-s

ark-models logo

Ark Models AK 40012 Tiger cruiser, Ark Models, 2016

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